Imagine if you could actually attach a memory to... anything

With Klu you can add digital pictures, videos and text to anything in the real, physical world
Give yourself the joy of reminiscing, and start sharing your memories

Download the app today - it's free!

How to create your first Klu


Create A Klu

Open the app and tap the + button, select 'Create A New One'


Add your Content

Tap 'Choose Media' to choose the picture or video to attach


Add your message

Add a thoughtful title and message - you can even add a URL!


Save and share!

Save your Klu by tapping the save icon. Tap the three dots to share, print, or download your Klu QR code

Not the sentimental type?

No problem!

With Klu you can have fun with making Klu QR Code treasure trails

Or hide a funny message in a gift or card for your friends and family

Fed up of endless scrolling?

Ditch social media and forget losing pictures to the blackhole of the cloud

With Klu your media is always just one quick scan awayand completely secure

Get Creative with klu!

Learn about how you can use klu

Want to know how to create digitally-connected packaging?

Or how to make a treasure trail using Klu?

Head over to our blog to find out these things and more!