Beginners guide to Klu for business

The Physical-Digital World

The pandemic saw a massive shift in how much of our lives we spend online, in everything from work to socialising.

Now that the world is starting to shift to a ‘new normal’ we are seeing that many of these changes are sticking around. Whether it’s the QR codes to order food in restaurants, or the 84% of UK employees who worked from home in the pandemic who plan to continue to do hybrid working moving forward (Office of National Statistics).

These shifts, and companies like Meta preparing for the impending move to the metaverse, indicate that the move online is here to stay – and is only going to increase over time.

So what does that mean for businesses and their products that are grounded in the physical world?

That’s where technology like Klu comes in – we bridge the connection between the physical and digital world.

Tell The Story Of Your Product

The ability to connect your products with an online presence has many benefits in the modern world.

Why have excess packaging with your product’s story in minuscule print when you can attach a video? 

Say you have a homemade candle business; the products are vegan and have unique scents distilled from foraged plants. Your customers follow the Klu you have put on your candles to find a video that is bespoke to each fragrance you use, telling the story about the bees that pollinate the lavender and the blackberries that grow locally.

How To Create Your First Klu

1. Download our app from the app store of your choice.

2. Once you’ve created an account and are logged in, press the big purple + button at the bottom of the screen.

3. This is where you will be able to scan Klues you have already created, however as this is the first you will need to press “Create A New One”.

4. The next step is to attach some media to your Klu by selecting “Choose Media”.

5. Select the video or image you want to connect to your Klu.

6. Now you can see the media you have uploaded and can give it a title, add a link and write a description for your Klu.

7. Congratulations, you have created your first Klu! This should now be visible on your homepage.

8. Tap on the Klu to view it, and press the three dots at the top to view the code to attach to your product. You can now print it, share it, download it, ready to add to your product.

To get some more inspiration on what you can add your Klues to, visit


Short-form media is a great way to reach your customers and add more meaning to their engagement with your products and business.

Social media has taught us that behind the scenes videos, exclusive content and showing the people who make your business all help build your company’s image and drive sales.

In a world where digital media rules, Klu allows your physical products and businesses to connect to the digital world and add another dimension to your products story.

What story does your business have to tell?

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