From Beans to Brew: How Klues help tell the story of Coffee growers

A Story in a Cup

Who doesn’t love having something to read or watch while drinking their morning coffee? 

  With smartphones, reading the back of a cereal box has become a thing of the past.

What if, instead of reading about Tony the Tigers latest adventure, you could find out more about your favourite coffee?

For coffee businesses this morning ritual is the perfect opportunity to add to your customers coffee drinking experience, and find out more about your company at every step in the coffee making process.

So how could we help a coffee company reach their customers in a new dimension?
coffee and cereal
Calum Lewis, 2017, Unsplash

Getting Klued Up

Imagine you have a fairtrade coffee business, and you’ve worked hard to make sure that every farmer, producer and roaster involved in making your coffee beans is paid and treated fairly.

You start off with your company story on the packaging for your beans and ground coffee, but you soon realise that the only people who see this are the ones making the coffee, and you want to widen your audience beyond baristas and office interns.

This is when you discover Klu, and find that you can attach much more to the packaging, as well as your branded coffee cups and business cards.

From Colombia with Love

One option is to produce a series of videos for your social media pages about all the people whose hard work produces the coffee, and attach clips and links to these on the products.

On the ground coffee packages you can add a Klu that leads to a video about one of the farmers that plants, looks after, and harvests the coffee cherries.

The company’s coffee cups have Klues attached that tell the stories of two of the workers that are involved in processing and drying the cherries, which releases the coffee beans.

Your favourite Klu is the one on your business cards, as this shows the trip you and your colleagues took to Colombia to meet the workers, and help them set up a school for the workers’ children.

Klu’s help connect people in the digital world, through physical items.

When someone gets their morning coffee on their commute they now smile, knowing that the coffee they’re drinking has travelled over 5,000 miles to be in their hand, and more importantly they can feel virtuous knowing their money goes to the workers.
Op Mpango, 2019, via Pexels

Spark Curiosity with Klu

Di Bella Coffee, 2018, edited, via Unsplash

Now imagine you run a coffee shop that stocks the coffee brand above, and you’ve been inspired to start adding Klues around your cafe. 


The Klues lead customers to videos about how to make the perfect cold brew, as well as recipes for some of your baked goods. The staff also have Klues on their aprons that take coffee-fans to a video where the staff member gives their personal recommendations for food and drink.


Both the coffee brand and the coffee shop could soon find they have greater engagement on their social media through using Klu, as it is easy to attach a link to social media to the Klu video.


This leads to greater brand awareness and customer   loyalty, with customers really feeling like they are part of something bigger.


This blog covers just a few of the ways we could help coffee businesses, as well as those in wider hospitality.

At Klu we have great fun thinking of ways Klues can be used by businesses, and how Klues could help them grow.

From telling the story of your product to creating new ways for customers to interact with your business, Klu offers a unique way to present your business and products.
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