10 apps to make Christmas 2023 easier

It goes without saying that here at Klu we are a big fan of apps; it really does feel like there is an app for everything these days – and Christmas is no exception!

We’ve put together this list of some of our favourite apps to use this festive season.

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Before Christmas: inspiration and planning

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is your one-stop shop for Christmas inspiration. If you’re after some gift inspiration (or even more than what’s in our Christmas gift guide), there are plenty of ideas of gifts you can buy or make.

What is fantastic about Pinterest is that their algorithm works well with very specific searches, such as “funny Christmas presents for Dad”, and will even come up with related searches to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Pinterest isn’t just great for gift inspiration, it has tonnes of Christmas craft, recipe and decor inspiration to peruse too.

2. GiftList

This nifty app available is perfect for keeping track of gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones.

GiftList allows you to scan web pages for products to add to one of your wishlists, and you can make the wishlists shareable so you and your friends can help each other out with gift ideas.

Need to discuss a gift for someone without them finding out? Need to discuss splitting the cost with someone? You can through the app with its chat function, which is attached to each wishlist.

Keep track of your gifting too with the tracker, which allows you to see which gifts you’ve bought or reserved from a friends list. 

3. Elfster

Everyone loves an office Secret Santa…until you get that colleague that you have no idea what to buy for.

Thankfully Elfster has solved this dilemma with their secret santa app.

The app designates who everyone in the draw is to buy for, and then gets everyone to make a wishlist to help their Santa choose a gift.

Similar to GiftList, you can upload products that you would like straight from your favourite store to your wishlist, to avoid any confusion or ambiguity as to what you would like.

Image from the Google Play Store

4. Klu


We can’t talk about all the amazing apps out there to help you at Christmas without talking about Klu!

With Klu you can send digital love, and attach videos, pictures, and more to physical items.

Download our app today and start leaving Klues on your cards and gifts, to leave personalised messages for your loved ones.

To get started, follow the tutorial over on our blog post here.

Christmas Night: Dude where’s the sleigh!?

5. Norad tracks Santa

It’s always exciting when you can start counting down to Christmas in hours instead of days or weeks, and it’s even more exciting when you can track the big guy in red himself!

Norad’s Santa tracker tracks Santa Claus’s movements from midnight on the 23rd January, and allows users to see what country he is currently delivering presents to, and what time he is likely to arrive down your chimney.

The Norad Santa Tracker app has been around on android and iOS since 2011, and features games, stories, and Christmas trivia alongside the tracker.

Christmas Day: Dinner’s up!

6. MultiTimer

Juggling lots of pots and plates, cooking for multiple people, possibly different dietary requirements – cooking Christmas Dinner can be stressful!

By using MultiTimer you can ensure all your food is ready at the same time and take the guesswork out of timing each part of your meal.

With the free version you can set up to 12 timers, which will cover your entire Christmas meal and then some.

The Aftermath

7. Olio

Food is arguably one of the best parts of the festive season, whatever your traditions or tastes may be.

While having leftover turkey for the rest of the year may appeal to many, the number of leftovers can be overwhelming and more than one household can get through.

That’s where Olio comes in – you can advertise your leftovers and extra food to local users on the app, or buy some leftovers from them yourself. 

8. Too Good To Go

TGTG Les Kaner
Too Good To Go, image by Les Kaner

Been away for Christmas? Arrived back home on boxing day to an empty fridge? Too Good To Go has your back.

This app is similar to Olio, except instead it is restaurants and shops that sell bags of produce, baked goods, and even full meals at an astonishing discount.

It can be pot-luck as to what you get, but that is half the fun!

9. Cardyard

We’ve all been there: you excitedly open an envelope from under the tree and… it’s a voucher for a shop your Grandmother shops at.

No one wants to feel ungrateful, and it is the thought that counts, but it would also be a shame for the voucher to go to waste.

Cardyard offers the perfect solution – sell your voucher (at a discounted rate) and pocket the cash to buy something you really want.

Equally, you can get a bargain and buy a discounted voucher for yourself and save yourself some money when you shop somewhere you love.

For when Christmas gets hard

10. Calm

The festive season can be wonderful in so many ways, however it can also be a difficult time for many.

Being alone, stressful family gatherings, financial pressures; it can be overwhelming through the Christmas period.

Calm is the number 1 app for guided meditation and sleep, and has helped many become happier and healthier.

Calm is not supposed to replace professional support: if it is not appropriate help for your personal situation please reach out to a medical professional or one of the services recommended by Mind.


These are just some of our personal favourite apps to make Christmas easier, with more and more options available each year.

Many of these are useful for other occasions in life and not just for Christmas, how would you integrate these apps into your life?

Let us know over on our social media, and have a Merry Christmas from all of us at Klu!

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