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Stick digital content to...anything!

Want to attach a video to a greetings card?

Or tell your customers more about your products?

Klu stickers use QR codes that allow you to add videos and web links to anything

Have fun leaving hidden messages and content

Get creative with the content you leave your friends and family, or even your customers

Update your content - without needing to change your sticker

It’s easy to change up the digital content attached to your sticker in our app

Order multiples of the same sticker - or as many different ones as you need

Whether you need to attach lots of the same content or a variety of different content, you can order stickers with the same QR codes or different ones to suit you

The quickest and easiest way to use QR codes

With Klu stickers you don’t have to generate a QR code and then print it, just scan, attach your content, and get sticking!