Your KLU account can be deleted from within the app, or you can email us at with your user email and we will take care of the process.

Requesting The Deletion In The App

  1. When in the KLU app, tap on the Settings icon on the top-right corner of the screen. You will then see a red button labelled “Delete my account”.
  2. Tapping on the button will display a warning message. Tap “YES” to confirm the deletion of your account, or “NO” to cancel the request.
  3. Upon confirmation:
    • your account will be immediately disabled and you will be logged out of the app
    • any data stored by us under your account will be deleted within 7 days

Data Retention After Account Deletion Request

Once an account has been flagged for deletion, any data stored by us under that account will be removed from our servers.

This includes:

  • your account details, and
  • any digital content you have uploaded to Klu