Bring your products to life with digital content

With Klu you can attach digital content to physical items, adding a whole new dimension to the way your customers interact with your products.

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Klues go beyond standard QR Codes

Klu is a platform for you to easily update and manage digital content attached to Klu QR codes – Klues.


Your customers will love being able to save your content for later with our app

How to create your first Klu


Create A Klu

Open the app and tap the + button, select 'Create A New One'


Add your Content

Tap 'Choose Media' to choose the picture or video to attach


Add your message

Add a thoughtful title and message - you can even add a URL!


Save and share!

Save your Klu by tapping the save icon. Tap the three dots to share, print, or download your Klu QR code

A World Full Of Klues

Think of your favourite online experience. Perhaps it’s an Instagram image, a TikTok video, or a Whatsapp voice message.

With Klu, you can attach these – and much more – to your physical gifts, products and anything else you can touch, hold or post.

Captivating your customers has never been easier

Products that say more about you

Wish you had a bit more space on your packaging or marketing materials to tell your story?

Adding Klues gives you just that – and better still you can update it without having to reprint your products

Connect QR codes quickly with Klu stickers

From one-off campaigns to personalised messages, Klu stickers give you the option to quickly add QR codes without needing to head to the printers.

Build Interactive Experiences

Klues can be placed around venues, stores and more to create an engaging experience for your customers.

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