Connect digital content with the real world

Although lots of interactions take place digitally these days, nothing can replace the buzz we get from real world encounters. So how can we combine the two?

The answer is in the Klu!

Scan physical items to reveal pictures, videos and messages. Download the Klu app to connect your own visual creations to the real world.

How to create your first Klu


Get The App

Download and install Klu on your smartphone or tablet


Add your content

Upload your visual content and generate your own Klu codes



Print your Klues on stickers, T-Shirts, business cards.. anywhere you want!

A world full of klues

Think of your favourite online experience. Perhaps it’s an Instagram image, a TikTok video, or a Whatsapp voice message. With Klu, you can attach these – and much more – to your physical gifts, products and anything else you can touch, hold or post.

Klu brings your closer to everyone and everything

Send Digital Joy

Include a Klu with your physical gifts to add an unforgettably unique touch. Once you’ve created your digital content, simply print your Klu QR code and attach it to the gift before sending it on to your loved one

Hunt for treasure

Use Multiple Klues to create an interactive treasure hunt for children (and fun adults like you). Creating cryptic clues and visual cues using videos, images, and voice notes can really help bring your games to life.

Spread the word

Leave a Klu around for others to scan and enjoy your messages. Use Klues to get your creative projects in front of more people or to help raise awareness of a cause close to your heart. There are so many possibilities!

Be there virtually

As much as we’d like to be there in person, it’s not always possible. With Klu, you can attach personal touches when you can’t give a gift in person. Add a special video or voice note to a birthday card, present or postcard.

Leave your mark

Klues are designed for work as well as play. Use them to deliver employee or student feedback in a more personal, engaging way. You can include a Klu in your client presentation, CV – even your email signature.


Learn about how you can use klu

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