Connected Packaging Part II: How to Get Ahead of the Curve

Klu Strategy

Klues connect videos and images to QR codes, which will allow you to share marketing content through your product packaging. Here are five types of content that will add value to your consumers and encourage their engagement with connected experiences.


Klues can store 5mb of media with a free account and up to 20mb with a premium account (find out more here), this is because Klues are designed to share short-form content. If your brand has long form media, you can use Klu to showcase the most engaging parts of your videos. Klu facilitates external media by providing a hyperlink which can redirect customers from Klu to your own media channels.

Social Responsibility

As customers become more climate conscious, brands can use Klu to promote environmentally responsible behaviour. Such as sharing important green milestones or providing important information on how to recycle or safely dispose of a consumed product.


Products that require DIY can support their customers by creating tutorial videos. Placing a Klu alongside the instructional diagram can assist customers with challenging product assembly. This will create accessibility and can strengthen customer loyalty from new DIY enthusiasts.


Food and Beverage products can inspire customers to explore new recipes and cooking techniques. Short-form cooking videos that share recipes from different cuisines, or seasonal celebrations, would provide both educational and entertainment value. Since Klu saves every code that’s scanned to a video feed, customers can collect recipes and anticipate new videos.


Fairtrade and ethical products can educate customers on their production process. By showcasing transparency towards how and why products are made, your customers can acquire insight into your brand’s philosophy and values. This will develop an understanding between customers and differentiate your brand from competitors.
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