15 Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas 2023

It’s the time of year where we all start wondering what to get the people we love for Christmas, and how to find the perfect gift to show them we care.

It feels like every shop, brand, and advert is trying to tell you what your friends and family would like. If you want something a bit more personal than a pair of socks or toiletry gift-set you’re in the right place…

Personalised and DIY Christmas gifts

1. Framed picture or artwork

Choose a special moment between you and the person you’re gifting, and frame a picture of you or something to signify that time. If you really want to make the gift special, you could even commission an artist to create a piece of art based on your picture.

2. Fashion

Why go around with a designer’s name splashed over your clothing and accessories, when you can have your own name?

We love this personalised glitter clutch bag from luxury brand Monaveen, especially with the vast selection of colours and patterns available.

Even better, Monaveen are working to lower CO2 emissions and plant a tree for every order placed.

This personalised glitter clutch bad by Monaveen would make an excellent Christmas gift

3. Name Jewellery

With the rise of Y2K fashion comes the return of the name and initial necklaces.

There are so many options out there, we love these interconnected name and initial disk necklaces from Murray & Me bespoke jewellery.

For a more colourful and quirky option, check out these necklaces from Tatty Devine.

4. Textiles

At Klu we love gifts with a hidden message, and Woven Memories by textile Gina Nadal has really caught our eye this festive season. Using deadstock and recycled yarn Woven Memories turns your text memories and messages into binary, which is then used to create a unique woven pattern on either a cushion or scarf.

This cushion is woven in a binary code pattern based off a personalised message

5. Personalised snacks

What says you really care about someone more than a personalised bottle of ketchup or jar of Nutella? For a really out-of-the-box gift idea, check-out what snack foods, drinks, and condiments you can get personalised online. This ketchup option from DesignfulStore on etsy has us chuckling.

Or for a classier option, treat your friend to a personalised bottle of wine.

6. Phone case

For most of us our phones are probably one of our most used possessions, so why not make your loved ones smile every time they pick up their phone with a personalised phone case?

Wrappz have a fabulous selection of designs for a wide range of phone models, and has several different photo case options, including eco-friendly phone cases.

7. Personalised mug

Speaking of possessions that get used a lot, why not gift someone their new favourite mug?

Whether you want to stick yours or your friends mugs on a mug or paint your own, there are plenty of options out there.

Social Pottery offer online and in person classes and kits, so you and your friends could even make your own mugs together

8. Candles

Candles are a core part of cosy winter evenings – add even more warmth with the thoughtful personalisation of a candle.

Kindred Fires have options for all occasions, and a wide selection of scents to bring aromatic joy to your loved ones home.

You could even brave making your own candle (and holder!) with this popular kit from Sculpd

Available at sculpd.co.uk

9. Skincare

Thanks to the rise of skincare influencers and the ‘clean’ makeup aesthetic, skincare is more popular than ever. We love this gift set from Fruits of the Nut Tree that allows you to make your own skincare out of organic and vegan ingredients, with options for adding personal messages to the box for gifting

10. Snow Globes

Snow globes are great any time of the year as any collector will tell you, though there is something special about shaking a snow globe in winter – especially if the winter weather has failed to provide any snow.

All good photo stores offer photo snow globes these days, and there are many more options available online for creating them yourself, even cracking out the glitter to try and make one for yourself with an online tutorial.

Keep an eye out on our social media this week to find out how team Klu did at crafting this Christmas.

11. Photo carving keyring

Keeping with the photo gift theme, there are many options for creating a photo keyring for someone special. Whether you use an online store or service or crack out a craft kit to make-it-yourself, there’s lots of possibilities. We love these wooden keyrings with photo engraving by Wood Peckers Art Design on etsy.

12. Trinket Dish

Air dry clay offers cheap and easy craftable gift options, such as coasters, trinket dishes, and even candle holders.

These can be personalised for your loved ones to match their home decor and personalities.

For inspiration check out some of these ideas from Hobbycraft.

Hobbycraft UK

13. Craft kit Gift

Embroidery has had a comeback in recent years, with the craft giving endless options for custom art and gifts. Many sellers on etsy offer custom or personalised embroidered gifts of quotes, pictures, or name plaques. We love this kit from Amy Olivia Designs on etsy, who turn any photo into a custom cross-stitch kit for you or your love one to make with your own hands.

14. Gift Wrap

If a personalised or customised gift doesn’t appeal to you, why not make your gift wrap or label customised instead?

Tap into your creativity with stencils, stamps, and paint to create custom wrapping paper.

By using recyclable paper and avoiding glitter and glue, you can even make your giftwrap more eco-friendly than the usual Christmas paper.

15. Gifts with Klu

We wouldn’t be doing our job here at Klu if we didn’t tell you how you can use our app to create the perfect Christmas gift.

By placing a Klu on a gift or card you can attach digital media and, as our motto says: ‘Send Digital Love’ to your loved one.

Attach a Klu to a piece of art, inside the cover of a book, or to a vinyl record sleeve to tell your loved ones why you love them and thought of them when choosing the gift.

Check out our store to purchase Klu Stickers to add to your gifts, don’t forget to download the Klu app and start leaving your loved ones Klues.

xmas card gif


Customising Christmas gifts can make both giving and receiving gifts even more fun, and can sometimes even save you money if you do a bit of DIY.

Tag us Instagram @klu.app when you use Klues on your Christmas gifts, we’d love to see what you create!

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