10 ways to use QR codes for Valentine’s Day 2023

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shower your special someone with love, but coming up with ideas to demonstrate just how much you love someone can be daunting – with so many options, what should you do?

Making use of technology can make your Valentine’s surprises fun and unique for you and your love.

As Klu allows you to attach digital media to physical items, there’s lots of ways you can use it this Valentine’s Day! 

Download the app and check out some of our ideas for using Klu below.

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Things to do

1. Treasure Trail

We’ve spoken about using QR codes for Treasure Trails before on the blog, and they are the perfect opportunity for a bit of fun for you and your valentine.

There are many options for romantic Treasure Trails, such as ones that lead to a gift or a cosy meal out, or just on an adventure around somewhere new!

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2. Speed Dating

We had to include something for those looking for love this Valentine’s Day!

You could organise your own speed dating event locally or with friends of friends who are also single, using the usual speed-dating format of having a couple of minutes to talk to each person. 

By using our trusty app, Klu, you could make a board of Klues next to the name of participants, and speed-daters could then scan the Klu of the person (or people…) that they are interested in to get their contact details. 

The Klues are a great way to say a bit more about yourself and perhaps mention things you haven’t had the chance to during the time slots.

3. Couples Quiz

This could be a fun variation of a treasure trail: write a list of questions about yourself and get your partner to do the same, with the answers being items around your home.

Things like your favourite album, shirt, or food work well; on each of these items you can leave a Klu that leads your partner to the next question.

Couples quizzes can be a fun way to get to know each other or to reaffirm how well you know each other already

4. Trip Down Memory Lane

Similar to the couples quiz, you could take your love on a trip down memory lane by leading them on a trail around somewhere that’s important to you both.

The restaurant where you had your first date, the theatre where you had your first kiss; what’s more romantic than reminiscing together?

Remember to get permission before leaving Klues around public spaces.

5. Cupid’s Calendar

Spread the love throughout the whole first 2 weeks of February by creating a calendar of fun (or saucy) things for you and your beau to do – or heartfelt gifts to woo.

Leave Klues behind each door to lead to gifts, riddles, and romantic gestures: the only limit is your ability to seduce.

Gift ideas

6. Photo Gift

Got a favourite holiday picture of you and your loved one? Or one from a significant date?

Get a personalised print of it as a Valentine’s gift and add a Klu, so you can attach a video, song, or a romantic message.

7. Promise vouchers

A book of promise vouchers makes a fantastic gift for your loved one, you can make them as enjoyable as “one free massage” or simple like “I’ll do the washing up for a week”.

By using Klu, you can make them a mystery promise by giving them a book of Klues that lead to videos or images of promises on the app. As you have to scan the Klu to be able to see the promise it gives an element of surprise as to what they’ve chosen!

8. Flowers

There’s a reason why it’s estimated 250 million flower stems are sold globally around Valentine’s Day , who doesn’t love to receive flowers?

Add a personalised touch by adding a Klu with a video message for your beau – this especially works well if you can’t be together for Valentine’s Day.

9. Valentine’s card

Whether you are in a relationship already or hoping to woo with your Valentine’s card, with Klu you can spice up a card by adding any media you like to your Valentine’s message.

10. Mixtape or playlist

Say it with a song or a whole playlist
Go old school and make a modern mixtape (aka a playlist) for you and your loved one to share on Valentine’s Day. Collect together songs that hold special memories or ones that remind you of each other, and a Klu to a card or gift to attach the playlist. Did you know that as well as pictures and videos you can add links to Klues?


We hope these ideas have inspired you to get creative this Valentine’s Day! Klu is a fantastic free tool to help you connect with those important to you, and as our tagline says; @Send Digital Love”
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