7 Treasure trail ideas using Klu


With new technology such as social media and Klu there are plenty of ways to create treasure hunts for business and pleasure.

Treasure-hunts offer an interactive way to explore an area, team-build, and more importantly – have fun!

This post will look at some of the ways you can use treasure trails for work and play.

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1. Digital Only Trail

If you can post an image somewhere online, you can place a Klue and turn it into a location for your trail.

Perhaps one of the Klues is a youtube video, perhaps the answer to the Klue is a custom URL, maybe that then leads to an item on ebay. The only limit is your imagination.

You could even dive into gaming and take a leaf out of Gucci’s book as they created a scavenger hunt in the popular game Roblox.

Other open-world, avatar based games you could consider include Minecraft and The Sims.

2. Classroom

Maybe your students don’t know anyone yet or their way around, a scavenger hunt makes a great icebreaker for students at the start of the year, and helps them get to know their classroom or school.

It can even be an opportunity to teach students about the school or about a specific subject.

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3. Museum

Hiding Klues amongst artefacts and artwork can be an innovative way to engage visitors. Use treasure trails to tell a story and help visitors learn more about what is on display.

4. At an event

Running an event or conference and want to make sure attendees see as much as possible? Why not have a treasure hunt that leads people around stands or areas, prizes are always a great motivator!

5. Coupons and email signups

Use a digital or physical treasure trail to engage customers, this is a great opportunity to obtain email-list sign ups and sharing discount codes.

6. Think local

Running a treasure or scavenger hunt around your local area can be great fun for all, and a way for the community to come together with local artists, businesses and community groups.

Hannah Busing, 2020, via Unsplash

7. Team-building

Mix things up in your office or on your away-day by creating a scavenger hunt for your colleagues. Put everyone in teams and set challenges with your Klues for the ultimate team building experience.


This post only scratches the surface of what is possible with a Klu treasure trail or scavenger hunt, whether you are a business or someone who likes having fun with friends, the applications are endless.

How would you create a treasure trail with Klu? Let us know over on our social media.

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