Getting Started with Klu

Klues are a great way to physically share content and guide viewers to your website or social channels. In this series, we will explain how to use Klu to its full potential by going through the steps of creating a Klu, uploading your content and accessing your QR code. In future posts, we will dive deeper into the finer details of Klu, showcasing how you can share Klues and how to manage the Klues you’ve created or scanned. 

Table of Contents

Steps to Generate Your First Klu

Step 1

Open the Klu app, tapping the plus icon at the bottom of the screen will allow you to scan and create Klues. Our codes can also be scanned with your phone’s camera.

Step 2

Select the media you want to attach from your phone’s gallery, Klu allows you to connect images and videos. Free accounts can upload files up to 5MB, paid membership increases that storage to 20MB. 

Step 3

Fill out the title, hyperlinks and description boxes. Note that hyperlinks will only function within the ‘link’ text box, don’t forget to say something nice in the description!

Step 4

Tap the save icon at the bottom of the screen. Now that your Klu is saved, press the purple buttons to return to your Klu feed or tap “keep editing” to make adjustments to your Klu.

Step 5

Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner to access your Klu. Here you’ll see your QR code and a list of options relating to how you can interact with this Klu. By pressing “Download this Klu”, you can save the QR code into your phone gallery. 


Through these five simple steps you will be able to create Klues and save the codes into your gallery. Our next post will demonstrate all of the different ways you can share Klues: whether you print them yourself or attach them to our products at the merchandise store. 

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