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Now that you’ve created your Klues, it’s time to share them! In this post we will explain methods to get your Klues out of your phone and into the world. Whether you plan to print it yourself, print a Klu through us, or not even print at all. 

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Download This Klu

Opening your Klu and pressing the 3 dots in the top right corner will present several options for sharing Klues. The button labeled “Download This Klu” will save the QR code into your photo gallery (Explained In Previous Blog Post). In doing so, you can incorporate your Klues into posters, documents and designs for printing. You can even redesign your Klu with a bit of knowledge in Adobe Photoshop (or any pixel based photo editor). For instance, replacing the Klu logo with your own designs, removing the white background to create a .png file and recolouring the QR code itself. 

Print This Klu

Above the button labeled “Download This Klu”, you’ll find another button labeled “Print This Klu”. Tapping “Print This Klu” will direct you to our merchandise page, where you can have your Klu printed onto customisable merchandise (T-shirts, tote bags and framed posters), Christmas Cards, water bottles and mugs. Keep an eye on this page as you’ll soon be able to purchase sticker books of 90 individual or identical QR codes. 

Share This Klu

The ‘Share This Klu’ button will create a hyperlink to the content stored in the Klu. This will enable you to send your content directly over messenger. If the receiver has the Klu app, the content will be saved and they will be able to access and share the Klu. 


In this post we’ve explained three ways you can share your content and your Klues. These options can be accessed when viewing a Klu through the 3 dots in the top right corner of the page. Alongside the three buttons to share your content, there are two buttons labeled “Protect This Klu” and “Make This Klu Private”. We will explain these buttons and other useful features such as deleting Klues in our final post

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