Managing Klues

As mentioned in our previous post, the 3 dots in the top right corner hold numerous options for interacting with the Klues you scan and create. In this Post we will outline controlling who can view your Klues and managing the Klues that you’ve scanned.  

Protect This Klu

This button will create a passcode for your Klu. Anyone who scans the Klu will be required to enter the passcode in order to view your content. This feature adds a layer of protection to your Klues, ensuring that your content is not openly available to view. You can remove passcodes by tapping the “Protect This Klu” button and leaving the “PIN” and “Confirm PIN” blank. 

Make This Klu Private

The “Make This Klu Private” button will disable your content from being accessed. This means that scanning the Klu will not reveal your content, and anyone who has previously scanned the Klu will no longer be able to view the content. You cannot delete Klues that you have created or claimed. Once the QR code is registered to your account, it is yours for life. Therefore this feature is useful for disabling Klues which are no longer in use. You can always replace the content and tap “Make This Klu Public” to enable sharing whilst recycling your QR code. 

Managing Klues

In the previous paragraph we mentioned that you cannot delete your own Klues. However, you can delete Klues that have been scanned from another user. Like deleting a phone app, press and hold the Klu in your home feed. It will wiggle with an ‘x’ icon and tapping the ‘x’ will delete the Klu from your feed. 


To conclude this post, we have explained how the “Protect This Klu” and “Make This Klu Private” button can assist in controlling who can access your content. Whilst you cannot delete the Klues you have generated, you can remove Klues that were created by other users.  

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